who we are


Who we are

BEL Online is a system integrator oriented to entrepreneurship and education which helps to design and develop digital platforms. BEL Online aims to spread and strengthen the economic and managerial culture and to develop local entrepreneurship, from school to work, through tools, processes, products and services to be developed and delivered by digital tools.

BEL Online has contributed to develop a portfolio of products and unique technologies, such as in the field of European Projects, that enable the design of services and relationships encouraging a proactive involvement of users.



Our coworking space

Coworking is a work-sharing space based on the principles of collaboration, sharing of environments, services and common values.

Our offices in via I Maggio (Ancona) await everyone, such as young entrepreneurs, freelancers and working groups to share creative ideas and visions capable of exploring new market horizons.

Why choose to work in a Coworking?

– Networking and new business opportunities.

– A continuous exchange between experiences of professionals from completely different fields.

– Rental at startup and cost flexibility in relation to the times of use.

– Meeting and meeting rooms equipped with screens and projectors for conferences and events.

Our coworking spaces aim to create a community of people who work to live and do not live to work.

Find a desk in an exclusive location and grow your business, improving your work!

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